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I am just guzzling your salad dressing (especially the Caesar)! Even though I had to stop swimming for three weeks because of an injury, I have not gained so much as 1 pound because I’ve been eating so much salad. On top of it,
I am feeling great! Go Probiotics!
Roy Zajac
Santa Rosa

Frequently Asked Questions

The truth is that becoming certified organic is a very expensive process. We’d love to go through it, but it just hasn’t been possible for us to do so yet. As we grow, we hope that it will become a feasible option for us!

Organic farming produces more nutrient soil and has the power to grow flavorful, nutritious food for humans, animals, and pollinators. Organic agriculture is also associated with greater carbon sequestration, capturing more carbon from the atmosphere which can help combat global warming.

Our products sometimes separate because we do not use and stabilizers or additives. We leave those for the other guys!

Because we use natural fermentation, sometimes the probiotics become a bit more active as they feed off the natural sugars in the dressing. This might cause it to be slightly bubbly or under pressure when opened. It’s totally normal and perfectly fine to eat!

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